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The collection of companies we represent include some of the world’s most innovative and creative manufacturers. Combined with industry experience of over 25 years each, Architectural Products Source (APS) provides unique and innovative architectural solutions to a wide portfolio of clients. We understand the requirements of each project and tailor individual needs with the appropriate product.

APS’s interactions are defined by the quality of our relationships, the professionalism of our response and the timeliness of our work

Aceray -Contemporary seating , lounge furniture & Tables

Contract Wall Solutions (CWS) - Interior Architectural Walls

Galaxy Glass & Stone - Architectural Glass

Gordon International

Lilly Kral - Leather and Faux Leather


Snowsound - Acoustical Panels and Fibers

Sustainable Surfaces - Cork for walls and floors



THE LOOK of Seating by Aceray

Committed to delivering distinguished styling, Aceray's team is proud to introduce you to an array of contemporary and classic seating designs. 

Our strength lies in uncovering the hidden talents of established and young designers from around the world.

Built by experienced manufacturers for quality and long-lasting durability, this commercial grade furniture is exclusively distributed by Aceray. We have an extensive assortment of timeless pieces – 

Should you desire, most of our products can be customized andwith custom finishes

Blending the creativity of international designers with our access to worldwide furniture markets and our local distribution center, Aceray delivers hidden talent to your doorstep. 

Suitable for furnishing restaurants, cafés, hotels, corporate offices, museums, healthcare facilities, private residences and more


Contract Wall Solutions  (CWS) is an organization dedicated to providing appropriate architectural walls for any environment. Their focus is delivering architectural wall solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

CWS offers an integrated product portfolio from minimal butt glass storefronts, to sophisticated storage and technically advanced systems.Contract Wall Solutions is a factory engaged organization providing support

and service from project inception to completion. As a customer focused manufacturer, CWS’s mission is to complete projects on-time, within budget and to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

No matter what is needed for the project, CWS can supply the product!


  Galaxy Glass  is a custom manufacturer of Architectural Decorative Glass for Commercial, Cruise, Healthcare, Hospitality, Residential and Retail interior applications. 

Recognized by the A & D Community as one of the most capable custom glass fabrication facilities, Galaxy® custom products and installations are found in the most prestigious projects and finest portfolios. Their in-house services allow them to match any color, create custom digital images, use custom interlayers, provide switchable glass, media glass, stair treads, antique or mirrored finishes and oversized glass. With a worldwide reputation for creativity, impeccable quality, reliability and on-time performance, Galaxy Glass inspires innovative solutions. 

Antique Glass, Back Coated HPC, Custom Decorative, Mirror, Silkglass, Silk Mirror, Specialty Interlayers, Textured Architectural, Translucent -Colors, Whites, and Transparent Glass.


Lilly Kral is a supplier of high performance covering materials for upholstery and wall covering in hospitality, contract, marine and healthcare market.

Our goal is to bring new and innovative products to the design community and in the process offer the highest quality and excellent customer service. Lilly Kral works only with suppliers who share their values and are dedicated to quality and service the same way we are. In addition, our suppliers adhere to the highest standards of manufacturing practices. 

"We take pride in our solution oriented approach and ability to work one on one with our clients".

We pride ourselves on being a boutique supplier of high quality materials for upholstery and wall covering.

A leading supplier of European Leathers Vinyls and Faux Leathers


  SmArtArt strives to impact the visual appeal from corporate, educational & hospitality environments to healthcare facilities. Every step is carefully managed within the art development & supply chain process; from art consulting to manufacturing & installation. We offer unlimited variety of artwork from local and global sources. We source fine art, originals, framing, alternative wall decor, sculptures, accessories, limited editions, prints on demand, photography, and history/vintage collections.

We Print art to fit any size and substrate – paper, canvas, acrylic, aluminum, bamboo and more. Smartart handles all procurement including documentation and licensing.

We pride ourselves on our uncompromising quality, short lead times & competitive pricing. 



  Snowsound is a global brand of sound absorbing architectural products with patented technology. Inspired by nature, Snowsound® technology derives its name and innovation from the sound absorbing properties of freshly fallen snow. With the highest in acoustical sound ratings, Snowsound USA is headquartered in California, and is designed and manufactured in Italy, Snowsound panels.  Snowsound Fiber Technology incorporates the architectural influence of today’s prominent European designers to create a visionary and harmonious approach to acoustic clarity and comfort. Their objective is to resolve acoustic problems, from the simplest to the most complex, with a complete range of products in many shapes and colors. Snowsound acoustic products have received numerous Gold and Silver and innovation awards at Neocon and Abroad.

Acoustical Panels- Free Standing, Wall and Ceiling Mounted, Hanging and Fabric

Sustainable Materials

                                          Sustainable Materials curates and delivers innovative and sustainable 

                                      interior design materials to decor, furnishing, and construction markets in                                            North America. Widely recognized as the cork experts, the company’s award-winning and multifaceted interior applications prove its exclusive depth of knowledge and deep-dive innovation with the material. With cork as well as other sustainable inputs, Sustainable Materials is the go-to source for breakthroughs in raw material uses, providing versatile and technically advanced products that create stunningly beautiful interior solutions.

Interior finished products, Wall Decor, Flooring, Tiles

For the Hospitality, Corporate, Retail, Healthcare, Education & Residential Markets.

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